4 Tips on cheap furniture removals in Adelaide

July 25th, 2014

Moving house can be quite costly. Hiring a removalist like the A2B Removals, a cheap furniture removalist in Adelaide, to help you transport your stuff into the new place may cost you, but doing it yourself can even cost you more. At least, with a removalist service, you will be released from the tiresome burden of transporting your possessions from one place to another. You are also assured that your belongings will be handled by professionals, so they are secured. The question now is can you find an affordable furniture removalist company in Adelaide?

cheap furniture removalist in Adelaide

If you have a tight budget for removalists, then no more worries as it is possible to take advantage of furniture removalist service without spending too much. Just follow the tips below and you can save from house moving.

1. Pack early

One of the ways to cut cost for moving is by packing your belongings early. A month before your actual move, you should start wrapping and packing the things that will be delivered to your new home. Removalist companies can pack your stuff for you as part of their service. Nevertheless, if you do the packing ahead, it will be deducted from the cost of labour that will be charged by the removalist company.

2. Go minimal

The more things you will be bringing with you, the more expensive removalist fee it will be. Therefore, decide to get rid of the stuff that you do not need anymore. The old toys of your kids, that worn-out sofa in your room, and the dust-covered racks in your basement—just leave them behind or donate them somewhere. Aside from making it lighter for the removalists, it will also minimize your stress as unpacking and setting up your new house will be easier. Moreover, remember that your new home means a fresh start, so it will be great to get rid of the olds and bring in new ones.

3. Canvass for a cheap but quality removalist

To find a cheap furniture removalist in Adelaide, you can solicit pieces of advice from people you know. They could have used a removalist service before, and the company they worked with can be efficient. You can also compare companies for rates. A reminder though: do not take service quality for granted. Look for an affordable but quality-guaranteed removalist service.

4. Check for hidden charges

In looking for a furniture mover company, one of the things you should watch for is the possibility of hidden charges. There are some companies which offer a low rate upfront, but after the move the clients will be surprised with charges they have not been told yet. For this reason, before signing the contract with a removalist, clear this up with them first.

Moving to your new home does not have to be too costly. As long as there is right planning and early preparation, there are many things that can be done to minimize the moving expenses. Moreover, you can get removal assistance at low cost from A2B Removals Group, but make sure that the safety of your possessions is not sacrificed.

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