The Critical Leadership Skill for 2017: Emotional Intelligence

June 12th, 2017

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You probably have heard from many people saying that in making decisions, leaders must keep emotions. This negative interpretation of emotions has long been a part of the corporate world until recently when it established that emotional quotient is a very important aspect of leadership.

Emotional Quotient, or EQ, is one of the key aspects of a leader’s success and his decision-making skills. EQ lets the leaders understand others and their strengths and help them in dealing with other more efficiently. In fact, a number of established researches backed the fact that a higher EQ translate into much better chances of success. Thus, bolstering your emotional quotient should be one of your main agenda.

Are there ways to develop emotional quotient? One of the best ways to increasing your EQ is by reducing the stressful situations since the ability to stay calm impacts most of the decisions you end up taking. To become a great leader, you should develop strategies on how to effectively respond to stress.

Dealing stressful situations does not have to be done by thundering or clenching your fists. Instead, simple ways such as taking deep breaths or taking long walks can help much better than bursting out your emotions.

Emotional quotient should be developed. It is important in so many fields in life especially in business leadership. In this 2017, EQ has never been more important.

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